Drilling of tube wells and installation of rope pumps

Geophysics Survey using EM343

We use Geonics EM34-3 for geophysics survey of well sitting and use manual or conventional drilling technologies that are appropriate to the environment to drill tube wells or boreholes. Rope pumps are installed on the wells after drilling.

Manual Drilling

Our manual drilling crews provide low cost drilling services in areas where this technology is appropriate and can result in the drilling of tube wells with adequate yield to meet households and communities potable water needs

Rehabilitated hand dug well

We also rehabilitate hand dug wells to convert them from unimproved to improved potable water supply wells through the provision of well linings, rope pumps and aprons. Where necessary we also provide disinfection of the well water to render harmful pathogens ineffective and less harmful and provide safe drinking water supply at the point of use.

In communities were drilling is not possible due to lack or inadequate ground water, rain water harvesting systems are provided with a capacity of 40,000 liters storage capacity and fitted with a 1 million liters capacity annual artificial aquifer recharge system.

Where drinking water sources are contaminated with microbes such as E. coli we promote the sale and usage of point of use household water treatment and safe storage products such as tulip filters. So far 296 households have been reached.

Rain water harvesting systems and Household Water Treatment and Safe storage (HWTS) Products
Household latrines and hand washing facilities

To compliment the potable water supply services in households, we facilitate the construction of twin-sitter latrines and handwashing facilities to prevent open defecation and hand contamination respectfully.